Top 5 Winning Tips for Clash Royale Game

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If you are a regular player of the clash royale game and you would like to play it daily with more numbers of elixirs, gold and coins. Whenever the players are considering the Clash Royale Game from the developer Supercell, it is basically the strategic, tense and intense game along with the micro transactions and everything. It is currently the most popular and highly demandable option of the mobile game available for both the Android and iOS devices. All the players should need to download and upgrade this game from Appstore or Playstore as per your needs.

Winning Strategies for Clash Royale

o Don’t be afraid to wait – When it comes to the Clash Royale game play, you can see the tense moment and you have to look at the open field. Then, you should also need to wait for the opponent to initiate your attack first. If your opponent includes some of the units out there, you have to try smashing their towers. At the same time, you should be very careful in defending your towers from the attacks of the opponents. You should make the concerted and full attack with the complimentary units which are too effective. This is why the experts are advising you to wait for a while to start your fights which lead to win.

o Accepting the damages – If you are taking a tower of kind, you can surely win the game. All the players must need to remember that you have to focus on getting the king’s tower. If you have lost one tower and any of your troops, your opponent will be moving on to getting the king’s tower. So, you have to be careful at all times and accept the damages. If you lose king’s tower once, don’t afraid and you have to try again.

o It’s all about elixir – Clash Royale Game is basically a type of RTS which is effectively resource based games. When it comes to the resources of this game, elixir, gold and coins are three basic clash royale resources. From among these kinds of resources, elixir is the very important thing to increase your winning chances. Each and every player should need to earn more number of elixirs than your opponents in order to destroy the troops and towers of the opponents. If your opponent has some amount of elixir, you have to continuously watch it and try to earn more amounts of elixir in your troops. Earning elixir would be the most challenging tasks and you should need to use the most effective methods to increase them.

o Know about your cards – While playing the clash royale game, you have to learn about your existing cards and also new cards. By knowing your cards, you have to first set your deck up for collecting more sets of the complimentary cards. It will be very helpful to know about your strengths and weaknesses to improve yourself better.

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